Ten Minute Mixtapes Volume 3: Dimas Ario

Partisipasi saya dalam seri Ten Minute Mixtape yang diinisiasi oleh Hasief Ardiasyah, jurnalis musik dari Rolling Stone Indonesia. Di bawah ini ada tulisan dari Hasief mengenai mixtape tersebut yang dimuat di blognya.

Ten Minute Mixtapes Volume 3: Dimas Ario

Ten minutes to make a playlist chosen from songs on my 160GB iPod Classic. That’s the concept behind Ten Minute Mixtapes, in which I get people to make them for me. It’s really simple, all they have to do is browse my iPod’s library and just select the tracks they want. The ten-minute time limit gives it an added adrenaline edge, so they don’t have too much time to think when picking their songs. It’s so easy that I can just ask anyone I find to make one without having to make a prior appointment.

This would be a good example. If you’ve been following the previous two volumes, you’ll know that they were curated on the same night because the people involved just happened to be at the same event. This was the third one of the night, as Dimas Ario was also at the Dheg Dheg Plat vinyl discussion and had dinner afterwards at Lovina with me, David Tarigan, Anto Arief and others.

You may recognise Dimas as the bassist of long-running indie pop stalwarts Ballads Of The Cliche. I remember first seeing them by accident at Warung Apresiasi on Bulungan, probably sometime in 2004. I don’t remember why I was at Warung Apresiasi in the first place, it wasn’t one of my usual hang outs and I wasn’t an avid local gig goer at the time, either.

As the years went by I got to know the band members and their circle of associates. In fact I wrote a review for their album Evergreen that may be considered unflattering, but to their credit, they’ve never held it against me personally. At least not that I’m aware of. For all I know, maybe Dimas or Frederick Tobing once harboured desires to beat me to death and leave my bloody corpse in some dumpster. Probably not, they’re a bunch of nice guys. Maybe just a few rounds with a sack full of baseballs.

But if you’re not really a fan of their music, you can still respect them for being the plucky underdogs they are. You can still see they enjoy playing whatever gigs, and Bobby Alvianto is a hilarious frontman. And you couldn’t help but feel happy for them when they got to open for their biggest influence Belle And Sebastian back in 2010.

After spending years in Bandung, Dimas recently moved back to Jakarta, where he now works as a digital planner at advertising agency, contributes music articles for Yahoo! Indonesia’s OMG section and runs his own blog, in between gigs with Ballads Of The Cliche and Sarasvati. Recently on Twitter he’s been hinting about hanging up his bass. Jaded? Who knows. But I wouldn’t hold it against him, he’s already done more for much longer than most.

1. Belle And Sebastian - “We Are The Sleepyheads”
2. Broken Social Scene - “Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl”
3. The Cardigans - “Carnival” [Puck Version]
4. The Pipettes - “A Winter’s Sky”
5. Stereolab - “Lo Boob Oscillator”
6. Tahiti 80 - “Yellow Butterfly”
7. Sheila On 7 - “Berai”
8. Morrissey - “Let Me Kiss You”
9. Jose Gonzalez - “Heartbeats”
10. Padi - “Lingkaran”
11. KT Tunstall - “Under The Weather”
12. Ivy - “Only A Fool Would Say That”
13. Gorillaz - “Empire Ants”


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